torstai 20. marraskuuta 2014

Why mechanize forest plantations?

Two different world: Northern countries like Finland and Southern countries like South Africa or Indonesia.

Lets speak about Finland. Our problems are quite usual: high costs of employees, the lack of labor and some suspicious minds. Why we have to change our good methods of forestry? We don't. But should! In our forest development goes backwards- one quarter of our forests are without any care since last 30 years. It won´t be enough that we put seedlings on the ground and then forget. In any cases, our planting areas are usually late, so there is grass and junk trees all over. How to get a good quality wood if we don´t care in time our planting areas?
I suggest- best way to safe our plantations and young forest, is to raise the amount of seedlings/ hectare +20%. There will be good seedlings in future, micro propagation; clones. It will lower costs of seedlings, or create more powerful seedlings.Main thing is that if later nursing is not in right time it will forgive failures and give choices for final products- biomass or timber.

Southern countries mechanization level is low and usually the lack of employees is a quite a problem. But short circuit of final cutting and planting gives powerful need to develop the efficiency. Most important is, that every pulp mill has need to do something to cover the costs. If costs of final cut are under magnifier, next move is to study the planting costs.
Many countries have a strong environmental care of forestry. Much more stronger than we northern people believe, they understand political effect between commercial forestry and good relations with Eco-conscious people= clients. Problems are same, but economic is more growing, they need more and more effective production to cover needs hand in hand with environment.

We are strongly doing the work, which is covering the needs of forestry in all sides of world.
 Join us, we can rise your productivity!

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