perjantai 28. syyskuuta 2012

Heavy machinery is good for your seedlings!

1980.s in Sweden was studied young stand tending. The machines were light and cranes were short (about 3-5 meters). The results were clear: machines had to run a long way per hectare, and the device does not work when the machine moves. For example: boom 5 m and basic machine 2 m, summary 833 m/ hectare.

What Risutekniikka Ky do? We think that long boom (8 - 11 meter) is more faster. Basic machine runs only 430 m/ hectare with 10 m boom. In our  experience is that "big" machine is 1,5  times faster than a light machine. Economically, this requires also used machine, but there is many alternatives.

On the other hand, we have been thinking about planting work. A new, light excavator is worth of exploring. Why is that? The fuel economic, low price and efficiency. Excavator can do mound very fast and total price compounding a new excavator and planting machine is low. We have a new mounding model Risutec PM100- 120, which is designed for small excavators over 6 tons.

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