sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2015

Guidance system for forest seedlings

Risutec has done a big step for mechanizing forest planting. Our newest product is Guidance System- GS. This new system have been developed with cooperation Stemlux Oy and Siru Innovations Oy.

Guidance system can collect accurate placement, even +- 3 cm. It is very responsive, so material can be processed without breaks. Guidance System can be adjusted for to tell lines between 1,5 m- 5 m and seedling distances 1,5 m-3 m. System will also tell driving lines and it informs danger for crushing seedlings.

Main need for this kind of equipment is eucalyptus and pine plantations, but it can be used also Northern areas. For further information, please contact to Risutec Ltd.

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