torstai 4. helmikuuta 2016

New kind of planter for eucalyptus

In short time Risutec Ltd. is delivering a new type of eucalyptus planting head, type Risutec SKB-180. This special type is designed for deep soil preparation and can be used in slopes.

SKB-180 is designed for excavator 15-18 tons, operational weight is 1200/1500 kg.The seedling cassette includes 180/360 seedlings and it can have a lot of optional devices: fertilizer applicator for granule, water or water gel irrigation, herbicide system, ASTA- documentation system, TASK for precise guiding for seedling placement. Other devices can be automatic lubricator, camera and special trays for loading. With this machine (and all other Risutec models too) can be used telemetric control for adjusting.

This particular machine can be delivered also different kind of subsoilers, It can have a cultivator or rake, whatever your need is.

For additional information, please contact to Risutec!

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